Oral Histories

During the past century, hundreds of people contributed to planning, construction and management of Central Arizona Project. In an effort to preserve the valuable stories and experiences of these individuals, CRWUA is recording their otherwise unwritten histories.

Below are the transcripts of the oral history interviews. These documents have been posted exactly as they were recorded with permission of each individual. Contact Crystal Thompson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or suggestions for future interviews.

 History File 
 Date Recorded 
 State From 
 Allen, Lloyd   Read Transcript  January 24, 2005   California 
 Anderson, Larry   Read Transcript  August 20, 2008   Utah 
 Balcomb, Scott   Read Transcript  October 10, 2006   Colorado 
 Barnett, Jack   Read Transcript    Utah
 Bratton, Dick  Read Transcript    Colorado
 Brewer, Larry   Read Transcript  July 29, 2006   New Mexico 
 Brothers, Kay   Read Transcript  December 12, 2007   Nevada 
 Budd, Dan  Read Transcript  December 9, 2009  Wyoming
 Caan, George   Read Transcript  December 14, 2007   Nevada 
 Catlin, Keith   Read Transcript    Colorado 
 Cheney, Richard   Read Transcript  August 8, 2006   New Mexico 
 Claypool, Bill   Read Transcript  December 05, 2003   California 
 Cox, Don   Read Transcript    California 
 Christiansen, Don   Read Transcript  August 19, 2008   Utah 
 Dunlap, Jim   Read Transcript  July 26, 2006   New Mexico 
 Fassett, Gordon "Jeff"  Read Transcript  December 10, 2009  Wyoming
 Garn, Jake   Read Transcript  August 20, 2008   Utah 
 Georgeson, Duane   Read Transcript  August 1, 2006   Colorado 
 Gerald, Davisson   Read Transcript  February 26, 2007   California 
 Getches, David   Read Transcript  October 11, 2006   Colorado 
 Harris, Alan  Read Transcript  December 10, 2009  Wyoming
 Hobbs, Gregory   Read Transcript  October 12, 2006   Colorado 
 Hokit, Jim   Read Transcript  July 21, 2006   Colorado 
 Holburt, Myron   Read Transcript  December 18, 2002   California 
 Jenkins, Perry   Read Transcript  January 14, 2009  Wyoming 
 Jouflas, Chris   Read Transcript  August 2, 2006   Colorado 
 Kennedy, Dave   Read Transcript    California 
 Kuhn, Eric   Read Transcript  October 10, 2006   Colorado 
 Lamm, Richard   Read Transcript    Colorado 
 Levine, Bert   Read Transcript  July 29, 2006   New Mexico 
 MacRavey, Dick   Read Transcript  October 11, 2006   Colorado 
 Manchester, William   Read Transcript  July 28, 2006   New Mexico 
 Mann, Roy   Read Transcript  June 05, 2002   California 
 Montoya, Stella   Read Transcript  August 8, 2006   New Mexico 
 Mutz, Phil   Read Transcript  August 7, 2006   New Mexico
 Mulroy, Pat   Read Transcript  December 13, 2007   Nevada 
 Muys, Jerome   Read Transcript  December 12, 2001   California 
 Noble, Douglas   Read Transcript    California 
 Sayre, John   Read Transcript    Colorado 
 Shreves, Charles   Read Transcript  January 2007   Nevada
 Stapleton, Maureen   Read Transcript    California 
 Trujillo, Leonard   Read Transcript  July 28, 2006   New Mexico 
 Weber, Ernie   Read Transcript  January 23, 2007   California 
 Weeks, Lowell   Read Transcript    California 
 Wilkinson, Eric   Read Transcript  October 11, 2006   Colorado 
 Will, Bob   Read Transcript    California 
 Zebre, John  Read Transcript  December 10, 2009  Wyoming
 Zimmerman, Jerry   Read Transcript    California 


Bureau of Reclamation transcripts

This is a list of oral histories only. The transcripts are not available for viewing on this site.

 Aldrich, Harold E   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Alexander, Charlotte   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Andrews, James   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Anglin, Ronald M.   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Austin, Robert   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Arthur, Harold G   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Beard, Daniel   Bureau of Reclamation 
 De Brago, Ted   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Disheroon, Fred R   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Dodger, Senator Carl   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Dominy, Floyd E.   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Duvall, C. Dale   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Fournier, Mildred Culley
 Weeks, Ann
 Weeks, Floyd 
 Bureau of Reclamation 
 Harms, Gene A   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Harrison, Michael   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Higginson, E. Keith   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Hughes, Peggy A   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Hyde, Willis F.   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Lesueur, Roger C.   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Morton, Larry D   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Plath, Neil W   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Robison, Roland   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Stone, Gary   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Smith, Curtis L   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Hoffman, Carl J   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Martinez, Eluid   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Mermel, Thaddeus W J   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Underwood, Dennis B J   Bureau of Reclamation 
 Vernon, Kenneth F   Bureau of Reclamation 

Transcripts of BOR conducted oral histories are distributed to several history repositories that have large research collections devoted to the American West: the Water Resources Center Archives at the University of California at Berkeley, the Western History Collection of the Denver Public Library, the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming, the Newberry Library in Chicago, The Huntington Library in San Marino, California, the Beineke Library of Yale University, the Secretary of the Interior's Library in Washington, D.C., the Bureau of Reclamation's Library on the Denver Federal Center, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.