2013 Conference

Colorado River: Committed Collaboration

December 11-13, 2013

Conference Highlights

December 11

Ten Things You Should Know about the Ten Tribes

• Moderator: Katosha Nakai, Manager of Tribal Relations, Central Arizona Project

• Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, invited

• Cocopah Indian Tribe, invited

• Sylvia Homer, Vice Chair, Colorado River Indian Tribes

• Timothy Williams, Chairman, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

• Darryl Vigil, Water Administrator, Jicarilla Apache Nation

• Frederick H. White, Director, Division of Natural Resources, Navajo Nation

• Gordon Howell, Chairman, Ute Indian Tribe

• Ronda Aquerro, Vice President, Quechan Indian Tribe

• Howard Richards, Councilman, Southern Ute Indian Tribe

• Manuel Heart, Chairman, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Legal Colloquium: Reserved Rights and Settlements

• Moderator: Darryl Vigil, Chair, Ten Tribes Partnership

• Margaret Vick, Special Water Counsel, Colorado River Indian Tribes | PDF ⟶

• Herb Becker and Natasha Cuylear, Attorneys, JA Associates, Jicarilla Apache Nation

• Stanley Pollack, Assistant Attorney General, Navajo Nation Department of Justice | PDF ⟶

• Joanne Curry, Partner, Fredericks Peebles and Morgan LLP, Ute Indian Tribe

• Mason D. Morisset, Morisset, Schlosser, Jozwiak & Somerville, Quechan Indian Tribe | PDF ⟶

• Catherine Condon, McElroy, Meyer Walker & Condon, P.C., Southern Ute Indian Tribe | PDF ⟶

• Celene Hawkins, Associate General Counsel, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe | PDF ⟶

Engineering Colloquium: Against the Current: Answers in the Face of Adversity

• SNWA’s Intake No. 3, Marc Jensen, Southern Nevada Water Authority Director of Engineering

• Central Arizona Project Breach, Greg Ramon, Central Arizona Project Assistant General Manager and Randy Randolph, Engineering Manager.

December 12

Video Presentation

• "Water Is Life: Committed Collaboration" | Video ⟶

Keynote Speaker - The Colorado River, America's New Heartland: Reflections on a Quarter-Century

• Pat MulroyGeneral Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Near -Term Risks: Options to Address Declining Reservoirs (2013-2019)

• Moderator: Dennis Strong, Former Director, Utah Division of Water Resources

• John Entsminger, Senior Deputy General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority | PDF ⟶

• Tom McCann, Assistant General Manager, Central Arizona Project | PDF ⟶

• Carly Jerla, Program Manager, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation | PDF ⟶

• Lynn Jeka, Manager, Colorado River Storage Project Management Center, Western Area Power Adminstration, U.S. Department of Energy | PDF ⟶

• Eric Kuhn, General Manager, Colorado River Water Conservation District | PDF ⟶

What Lies Ahead: Cooperation or Conflict? (2020-2060)

• Moderator: Jim Lochhead, CEO/Manager, Denver Water

• George Arthur, Past Chair, Ten Tribes Partnership

• Taylor Hawes, Colorado River Program Director, The Nature Conservancy | PDF ⟶

• John McClow, Chair, Colorado River Water Conservation District | PPT ⟶

• Brenda Burman, Special Projects Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California | PDF ⟶

Agriculture in the Basin: Now and Into the Future

• Moderator: Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources

• Reagan Waskom, Director, Colorado Water Institute | PDF ⟶

• Julie Shapiro, Senior Associate, The Keystone Center | PDF ⟶

December 13

Action Is Imperative - We Need a Balanced Approach to Bridge the Gap between Supply and Demand on the Colorado River

• Sally Jewell, Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior | PDF ⟶