2013 Annual Conference

Colorado River - Committed Collaboration

December 11-13, 2013

2013 CRWUA Conference Highlights

CRWUA Thanks Ten Tribes Partnership - featured film during the conference
U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell - watch speech here or read the transcript
U.S. DOI Assistant Secretary for Water and Science Anne Castle - watch comments here

December 11

  • Ten Things You Should Know about the Ten Tribes
    - Moderator: Katosha Nakai, Manager of Tribal Relations, Central Arizona Project
    - Chemehuevi Indian Tribe - invited
    - Cocopah Indian Tribe - invited
    - Sylvia Homer, Vice Chair, Colorado River Indian Tribes
    - Timothy Williams, Chairman, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
    - Darryl Vigil, Water Administrator, Jicarilla Apache Nation
    - Frederick H. White, Director, Division of Natural Resources, Navajo Nation
    - Gordon Howell, Chairman, Ute Indian Tribe
    - Ronda Aquerro, Vice President, Quechan Indian Tribe
    - Howard Richards, Councilman, Southern Ute Indian Tribe
    - Manuel Heart, Chairman, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
  • Legal Colloquium: Reserved Rights and Settlements
    - Moderator: Darryl Vigil, Chair, Ten Tribes Partnership
    - Margaret Vick, Special Water Counsel, Colorado River Indian Tribes (PPT Presentation)
    Herb Becker and Natasha Cuylear, Attorneys, JA Associates,  Jicarilla Apache Nation (PPT Presentation)
    Stanley Pollack, Assistant Attorney General, Navajo Nation Department of Justice (PPT Presentation)
    Joanne Curry, Partner, Fredericks​ Peebles and Morgan LLP, Ute​ Indian Tribe
    - Mason D. Morisset, Morisset, Schlosser, Jozwiak & Somerville, Quechan Indian Tribe (PPT Presentation)
    Catherine Condon, McElroy, Meyer Walker & Condon, P.C., Southern Ute Indian Tribe (PPT Presentation)
    Celene Hawkins, Associate General Counsel, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe (PPT Presentation)
  • Engineering Colloquium: Against the Current: Answers in the Face of Adversity
    - SNWA’s Intake No. 3: Marc Jensen, Southern Nevada Water Authority Director of Engineering
    - Central Arizona Project Breach:  Greg Ramon, Central Arizona Project Assistant General Manager and Randy Randolph, Engineering Manager


December 12

  • Video Presentation - "Water Is Life: Committed Collaboration" (Video)
  • Keynote Speaker - The Colorado River, America's New Heartland: Reflections on a Quarter-Century
    - Pat Mulroy, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority (Video)
  • Near -Term Risks: Options to Address Declining Reservoirs (2013-2019) (Video)
    - Moderator - Dennis Strong, Former Director, Utah Division of Water Resources
    - John Entsminger, Senior Deputy General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority (PPT Presentation)
    Tom McCann, Assistant General Manager, Central Arizona Project (PPT Presentation)
    Carly Jerla, Program Manager, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (PPT Presentation)
    Lynn Jeka, Manager, Colorado River Storage Project Management Center, Western Area Power Adminstration, U.S. Department of Energy (PPT Presentation)
    - Eric Kuhn, General Manager, Colorado River Water Conservation District (PPT Presentation)
  • What Lies Ahead: Cooperation or Conflict? (2020-2060) (Video)
    - Moderator: Jim Lochhead, CEO/Manager, Denver Water
    - George Arthur, Past Chair, Ten Tribes Partnership
    - Taylor Hawes, Colorado River Program Director, The Nature Conservancy (PPT Presentation)
    John McClow, Chair, Colorado River Water Conservation District (PPT Presentation)
    Brenda Burman, Special Projects Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (PPT Presentation)
  • Agriculture in the Basin: Now and Into the Future (Video)
    - Moderator: Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources
    - Reagan Waskom, Director, Colorado Water Institute (PPT Presentation)
    Julie Shapiro, Senior Associate, The Keystone Center (PPT Presentation)


December 13

  • Action Is Imperative - We Need a Balanced Approach to Bridge the Gap between Supply and Demand on the Colorado River
    - Sally Jewell, Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior (Video, PDF Transcript)