CRWUA annually updates and adopts a comprehensive set of resolutions addressing the major issues and externalities affecting the sharing, use and further development of the Basin’s water supply. The adopted resolutions reflect consensus of the hundreds of diverse water users who gather from across the seven states which share the river each December at the annual CRWUA conference and have been doing so since 1945. Each of these resolutions is in effect until revised or amended and in all instances are in effect until the next annual conference.

CRWUA’s resolutions advocate sound public policy positions to maximize beneficial consumptive use of the available water supply while appropriately conserving important environmental resources, promote storage to ameliorate drought conditions, support generation of electrical power at the many hydroelectric plants at the major federally-constructed reservoirs in the River Basin and preserve the rights and prerogatives of the seven states through which the 1200-mile long river flows. Collaboration and cooperation to accomplish mutually beneficial environmental restoration and necessary water development actions are encouraged; these resolutions emphasize the maintenance of long-established legal frameworks and water management tenets affecting water supply certainty and dependability in the arid, desert country through which the River flows. The positions support continuation of basin-wide water quality improvement programs and environment restoration programs to stretch the finite water supply available in the fastest growing region of the United States. In short, CRWUA’s resolutions address local, state, regional, national and international relationships among the many interdependent parties who rely on this internationally critical water supply. These resolutions are addressed to, among others, national, local and state governments and nongovernmental organizations.